We save our clients an average of 20%.

What would you do with 20% of the money you typically spend annually
on your commercial insurance programs?

Who Is The Brandel Group?

We are a professional consulting firm specializing in providing independent, objective reviews of commercial insurance programs for our clients.

• Improved coverages

• Transparent, enhanced broker & insurer relationships

• Reduced costs

And, there is no requirement to change brokers or insurers.

What We Do…

Through our unique process, opportunities are identified to:

• Improve coverages

• Eliminate unnecessary costs & duplications in coverages

• Guarantee complete transparency in your professional broker costs and relationship

• Deliver lower premiums, if available, so the true cost of insurance coverage is defined

Who We Are Not

The Brandel Group:

• Is not a broker

• Is not in competition with brokers or insurers

• Does not sell insurance

We have no loyalty to any broker or insurance company. We do not take fees, commissions, royalties or revenue of any kind from brokers or insurers.