Our Clients

The Brandel Group successfully delivers improved commercial insurance coverages, services and costs to all industries, both for profit and non-profit.

Hospitals, Ancillary Services, Specialty Practices

Recently we have been focusing within the healthcare industry performing reviews for hospitals across the country. We discovered that hospitals specifically tend to benefit the most from a boost in coverages while finding extensive savings in premiums. In fact, the average savings within healthcare rises to 29%.

Seeing the need within the market and having the unique niche within the healthcare industry, we then partnered with an existing ownership group that works with nearly every major healthcare company in the United States in other cost savings areas to form the preeminent boutique risk management consulting firm in the country.

Healthcare Case Studies

Rural Hospital

Hospital Incumbent Broker Retained


Our expertise has been an asset to our broad range of manufacturing clients for over 15 years. Manufacturing faces unique challenges in the commercial market place and we successfully navigate our manufacturing clients to cost improvements along with enhanced coverages. We negotiate a transparent broker relationship for our clients allowing for your organization to capture the true cost of your insurance program.

Manufacturing Case Studies

Texas Manufacturer

Midwest Manufacturer

Food Industry


Our latest success in the distribution arena involved a comprehensive national and global distribution supply chain organization. Our independent expertise in the commercial insurance market delivers optimum opportunities to achieve the lowest possible premiums along with best coverage and broker services. Click on the case studies link to see how we saved this client over $2 million in insurance premiums while their new broker delivered significantly improved services and coverages.

Distribution Case Studies

Supply Chain Management Company

Distributor of Food Products


Our ability to assist in negotiating the best possible rates and position in the commercial insurance market allows for lowest costs for fleets and other assets. Simplification and efficiency saves valuable time and money for your organization. Our independence and expertise delivers a transparent broker relationship so you can capture the true cost of your insurance coverage.

Non-Profit Service Organizations

All key personnel on the SSG team take pride in the work we perform for our Non-Profit clients. Our clients all provide important services within their communities and include both national and international organizations. We uncover significant savings on commercial insurance premiums thus freeing up important dollars for our non-profits to use to deliver services and achieve their specific missions.

Non-Profit Service Organizations Case Studies

Non-Profit Residential Treatment Center

Non-Profit Community Assistance Program

Staffing Services

Oil and Gas

Our work in the Oil and Gas industry ranges from multi-national exploration companies to local fuel distribution and major equipment suppliers to the industry. We understand the global nature of the commercial insurance market for this industry. We deliver savings, options for the most experienced and expert broker services and the most comprehensive coverages the marketplace offers

Oil and Gas Case Study

Oil and Gas