What Our Clients Say About Us

The fact that your consulting firm exists proves there are a lot of unnecessary costs in my insurance program.

The Brandel Group conducted a thorough analysis of our insurance policies and assisted us not only in saving substantial money on our premiums, but also ensured that our policies contained appropriate coverage terms and limits. The time and effort we spent were well worth it, and I would recommend to other hospital CEOs and CFOs that they consider utilizing the services of The Brandel Group. Even if there had been no opportunities for savings, it is comforting to know that our insurance policies are commensurate with our needs and the industry norm.
Hospital CFO

The Brandel Group provided the expertise, independence and advocacy my executive team required. Without their services, we could not have identified and evaluated our options, or saved more than $500,000. Their professional services helped us identify better coverages and broker services while saving substantial money we could use toward providing the best possible services for our community.
Hospital CEO

The expertise The Brandel Group could provide us was evident from the very first meeting. They understood our goals and needs completely and could answer questions on even the smallest details of our account. We were completely at ease with their process and team.
CNO/Risk Manager, Memorial Hospital

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Brandel Group and their professional team. We appreciate all their guidance and cost savings opportunities they brought to our company. TBG provided a tremendous amount of help and expertise and we have learned a great deal from them. We will definitely keep TBG in mind as we proceed in the future. I fully support the value that The Brandel Group has to offer and have high regard for their expertise. It has been a pleasure working with The Brandel Group.
Chief Financial Officer, Chemical Company

We really appreciate the assistance The Brandel Group provided with our insurance program. I am very pleased with the results including the policy improvements and the cost savings, of course! Their process was very worthwhile and educational. They provided us with important benchmarks going forward. I’m happy to speak with anyone interested in their services. I’d love to help out in any way! Thanks again.
Vice President and Controller, Building Manufacturer

A large non-profit recently engaged The Brandel Group to pursue opportunities to improve the coverages, services and costs of our entire commercial insurance program including all property, casualty and workers compensation policies. Their independent, objective review and strategies were very effective in delivering $61,000 in savings and identifying gaps and duplications in our insurance program. Their process did not require us to change either our broker or our insurers. The savings delivered at the most recent renewal will be used to fund programs in support of our mission rather than paying for insurance costs. We are very pleased with the results and services provided our team by The Brandel Group
Non-profit CFO