What We Do

Through our unique process, opportunities are identified to close gaps in coverages, to eliminate duplications, and to guarantee complete transparency in your professional broker and insurer relationships.

Uncovering Wasted Dollars

Many organizations are unaware that they spend money purchasing inadequate insurance & unnessessry coverages while paying broker commissions, fees, volume bonuses and contingent commissions.

These businesses do not receive the risk management and loss control services from the broker and insurance companies that would ultimately reduce insurance costs.

Our Solution

Clients engage us at no added cost: We will facilitate and conduct an independent, objective analysis of your current commercial insurance package and workers compensation program with the goal of identifying any opportunity for improving coverage, service and cost.

Once approved by you, we design and implement a process & strategy to deliver the data and information you need to choose the broker best suited for your operations and risk profile.

Our Goals & Objectives

Improving Insurance Coverages for your facilities and operations

Enhancing the services and resources provided by your professional broker and the insurers of your program

Delivering the lowest premiums available in the marketplace for all policies

Our Advocacy & Oversight

After you decide the best broker and program for your organization, The Brandel Group oversees the placement of the improved coverages at the lower costs. We act as your advocate through the renewal process to make sure promises are kept and results delivered.

In addition, we oversee the service levels and activities of your broker and insurers in order to guarantee that services are delivered and fees are earned.

The Brandel Group Results

Over the past 5 years our clients have realized an average of 20% savings along with improved & expanded coverages. In the past 2 years that average has climbed to 26%, even as insurance rates have been on the rise.

As a result of our process, 70% of our clients choose to stay with their incumbent brokers under a more transparent, detailed and equitable service arrangement. 90% of insurers are retained.

Engaging Our Services & Expertise

You engage us for a 24 month period to cover 2 full renewal periods.

You share actual delivered like-for-like savings with us 50/50 while paying no other fees or costs.

You spend no more than 6 to 8 hours total over the 24 months on this entire project – we do the work & you make decisions. At 20% savings, that’s an excellent return on time invested on your part.

Our Commitment To You

We will provide you with independent, objective advice on how to improve insurance coverages, services and costs without requiring you to change brokers or insurers.

We will facilitate and execute all aspects of the process to provide you the best results the marketplace offers.

We will work for you under a transparent contingency agreement with no hidden costs.